Strategy Sprint

A Strategy Sprint is an in-person workshop that empowers your team to devise a company pivot, a new market, a new product, or a new  initiative over the course of three days.


What does the future look like?

If consumer technology adoption and digital trends are any indicator, interconnectivity and convenience are going to continue to be center-stage for a while. Is your company prepared for the digital-first era? Your customers are already using new technology. Startups are defining new markets where none previously existed. Shouldn’t you be doing the same?

A Strategy Sprint with will empower your team to consider many options for putting innovative solutions into action alongside your existing operations. You will also gain a better understanding of the risks involved in your possible paths forward.


Technology and innovation are taking the world of business by storm. It’s not so much about “the robots are coming,” as it is about adapting your business model and operations to face the digital age. Disruption isn’t our primary concern. We are focused on evolving your business to thrive in the face of any and all challenges that arise.

We’ve adapted the well-known design sprint methodology from Google Ventures to work in situations where you don’t necessarily want to build a new product; you just want to find the best way forward in the face of changing technology and economic drivers. In just three days, we can build out a strategic innovation roadmap defining the steps to test, launch, and grow your Most Valuable Pivot.

In a Strategy Sprint, we’ll design the short feedback loops you need to be able to act quickly and learn from user feedback so as to fine-tune your company’s strategy moving forward.


Think exponentially

Learn how to transition your organization’s trajectory from linear to exponential growth.

Experiment Nimbly

Learn how to design and test ideas quickly to maximize learning and minimize risk.

Focus on the User

We’ll give you the tools to create products and services that your audience will love.

What will we do?

A Strategy Sprint is a 3-day workshop that allows us to work with your team to devise a company pivot, a new market, a new product, or a new community-building initiative. As a team, we will set our long-term goal at the beginning of the week and then power through a proven methodology to be able to arrive at a validated plan of action by Day Three. We’ll discuss worst case scenarios, understanding what could possibly cause us to fail our mission, and find ways to mitigate those risks.

We’ll thoroughly research and analyze the market and industry, focusing on existing pain points and rising or projected trends so that we can understand the direction in which the market is flowing and how we can gain a competitive advantage in the space. We’ll look at analogous trends and industries to understand where we can borrow best practices and ideas from other industries and apply them to your own.

We’ll map out your current processes and guide your team to understand how your current way of doing things is affecting your community—and your growth. Throughout the first day and a half of our sprint, we will understand each component of the way things are currently done—or how they could be done in the case of a new idea—and we will inevitably stumble across opportunities for streamlining and improving.
By the end of our workshop, we will have defined your Most Valuable Pivot and the steps to implement it. We can focus on strategy, organizational challenges, processes, or other aspects of your company that could have a lasting impact on the way you grow.

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Strategy Sprint Outline



Through remote interviews and our extensive database of insights, our team will prepare for our workshop by analyzing your industry and the market to identify pain points and trends, which we’ll use to fuel our work during the Sprint.


We’ll define our goal for the Sprint, as well as map out existing processes and opportunities


We will explore current solutions in the market to learn from them and then ideate for solutions of our own

Day 3: PLAN

The final day of the Sprint we’ll define our Most Valuable Pivot and design a prototype for implementation



After the Strategy Sprint, your team will get to work implementing everything we planned together in our execution roadmap. can continue to be a part of the process by helping you monitor and interpret findings, iterate on the original idea based on those findings, and seamlessly scale the new solution.


We know how overwhelming it can be to make drastic changes in your company. That’s why you don’t have to do it alone. A Strategy Sprint will get the ball rolling on an incredible journey towards unprecedented growth and results never before seen by your organization.

Every step of the way, we’ll focus on action and results, aligning your team on the path forward to innovation and steadfast growth.  And best of all, we’ll wrap up the Sprint with a roadmap that you can use to guide your transition into this new way of working.

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