Using Technology for Alzheimer’s

The Opportunity

Over five million Americans have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  According to the Alzheimer’s Association, one in nine adults over the age of 65 have the disease, the 6th leading cause of death in the United States.

Both Baby Boomer and Gen X generations are likely to have parents with Alzheimer’s disease, making them an ideal target for a digital tool to help them manage life.  They are far more likely to make tech purchases for their parents to facilitate keeping in touch and preventing their cognitive decline.

The Solution

AlzhUp was designed to be so much more than just a mobile app – it was set to become the digital platform patients, their families and their care team turned to not only for games that increase neuroelasticity, but also for their “personal bank of memories,” their care details, and their daily routine.  AlzhUp will integrate seamlessly with multiple devices, and will involve the entire family in the care of their loved one.  We set out to put the patient back at the center of their circle of care, one memory at a time.

Months of Strategy Work

Professionals Interviewed

Countries of Validation

First-of-its-kind Platform for Quality of Life

Market Validation

We interviewed caregivers, medical professionals, nonprofit administrators, and family members of those with Alzheimer’s in order to validate our premise.

Built for four audiences

There are four key personas using with this platform: people with Alzheimer’s, medical professionals, caregivers, and family members.

Partnerships are key

What organizations can we partner with in order to help us scale quickly and effectively? We focused on membership organizations (AARP) and national non-profits (Alzheimer’s Association).

Current status

While the original validation phase was centered around launching the AlzhUp platform in the United States, the partners decided to launch first through a key partnership in Spain. Funding and distribution were achieved through governmental grants, enhancing the ease to market for the platform.