Real Estate Technology


The client, a successful real estate developer, was interested in devising a digital platform for a new community they were building. Statistics show that, while urban cores across the globe are growing, community cohesiveness is nonexistent in most cases. Innovation is currently limited in scope in managed buildings and communities, and business intelligence and data-based insights are not widely used. The client came to us looking to define a vision that would allow them to incorporate high-tech solutions into their coming multi-use project. 



The outcome was a schematic design for a SaaS platform that could not only be implemented in the developer’s projects, but also sold as a stand-alone, modular solution to new and existing developments. We developed a plan to create a digital intelligent property “master” that facilitates community growth within residential buildings. This data-driven approach would allow residents and guests to experience a hybrid offline/online environment that intuitively enhances their lives without creating a sense of intrusion or monitoring.


Integrated from the Ground-up

We created a plan to integrate energy-efficient physical infrastructure that will permit growth of the technological energy load as the system itself evolves to meet user needs

Multiple Revenue Models

The proposed solution allowed for at least four different revenue streams for the company, allowing the new digital transformation company to sell and compete in residential, corporate, and hospitality markets.


Modular Implementation

We designed modules of deployment designed to fit each building’s needs, fully customizable for each client. Deployment could be all at once, or gradual.

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