Medical Sales Platform

The Opportunity

The entrepreneur, a neurosurgeon, was interested in creating an online lead-generating solution for medical professionals, but needed to ensure it’d be valuable outside of his particular office and specialty. So many options on the market focused on practice management and record storage, but none of them offered the sales tools required by a physician to generate more leads that could turn into patients. Any existing “solutions” focused on patient-generated ratings, which are heavily biased due to the nature of a doctor interaction.

Project Details

Client Synapsync
Date Q1 2016
Skills Market Research, Strategy

The Solution

We worked with the entrepreneur for four weeks to conduct user interviews and plan out the digital platform solution he’d need to build in order to best meet his needs and those of his peers. We created an actionable plan for raising the funds needed to implement the platform. This engagement involved understanding the medical billing system in the US, gaining insights into the inner workings of hospital systems and private practice offices, as well as how physicians prefer to gain new patients.

Market Stats

Of over 50M inpatient and 53M outpatient procedures performed each year, about 35% result in some sort of complication (see study). the vast majority of these are believed to be due to provider error. If a surgeon receives more referrals for the specific procedures s/he is most practiced at, then our hypothesis is that this rate of complications can be lowered drastically.

Key Insight

By building a database of surgeons and specialists filtered by the actual number of procedures they perform each year, the platform will assist in lowering the number of surgical complications and increase the number of successful referrals surgeons receive.

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