Starthub Miami

Project Description

Starthub was launched a couple of years prior as a coworking space in Downtown Miami. As the company grew, the true opportunity began to emerge. The Starthub team was excellent at bringing European companies to the US market. With a strong focus on sales, they were able to provide results almost immediately upon engaging with these client companies. I worked with Starthub to streamline internal operations, clean up and align the messaging of the company across various channels, create and implement a new membership offering, and increase revenues 300% within four months. This change in focus for their business model has led to unprecedented growth for the company.

Project Details

Who: Starthub
When: Q1-Q2 2017
What: Strategy

Changing the Business Model

One of the cornerstones of this engagement was to create and communicate a new offering for potential Starthub clients. We worked and reworked the website to be able to easily let visitors know that they have options when it comes to growing their companies, and that Starthub can help them every step of the way. This new business model has created new opportunities for increased revenues, but also requires some quick learning from the team.


Optimized Team Structure

Throughout the engagement, many changes were implemented into the primary capabilities of Starthub. Weekly team meetings were held to incorporate transparency and alignment into the day-to-day operations of the company. Everyone’s role was clearly defined. Messaging was cleaned up and aligned to match the mission of the organization, and conversions to subscribers and applicants have soared since the new launch.

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